About Us

The California State Guard Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit established to support the service members and families of the California State Guard. As a recognized nonprofit, we are able to secure and administer funding necessary to assist the California State Guard in several respects:

  • In recent years, the number and types of threats facing California – from wildfires to floods, power outages, food shortages to pandemics – present new and unique challenges. To address these challenges, the California State Guard’s need for resources, equipment, and specialized training has expanded and evolved. The California State Guard Foundation exists to help meet those needs. Through donations from individuals, businesses, corporations, and non-profits, the California State Guard Foundation will help ensure that those at the frontlines during a flood, earthquake, wildfire, or pandemic receive everything that they need to keep California and its citizens safe.
  • The California State Guard Foundation provides educational and assistance programs to service members and their families.
  • Each member of the State Guard annually volunteers hundreds of hours of time to train, countless hours when responding to emergencies, and oftentimes incur additional costs for uniforms, training, equipment, and travel. By providing financial resources, the California State Guard Foundation helps prepare our state for tomorrow’s emergency missions.

The California State Guard Foundation is a private corporation and is not affiliated with any State or Federal agency. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Board of Directors

Jay Coggan

Commanding General

California State Guard

Antoinette Balta

Executive Director and
Veterans Legal Institute

John Chiang

Former Elected Treasurer and Controller

State of California

Hon. M. Janet Chin

Civilian Aide

to the Secretary Department of Army

Marc S. Cohen


Loeb & Loeb

Scot Cru

Executive Vice President

MGM Studios

Dan Dow

District Attorney

Office of the District Attorney County of San Luis Obispo

Curt Hagman

Chairman, Fourth District

San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors

Bruce D.D. Mac RAE

State Public Affairs Vice President

Volunteer Staff

May Whitaker

Executive Director

Larisa Owen

Grants Director

Emily Walker

Director of Development

La Stacia Neat

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Patrick Ledbetter, Jr.

IT & Communications Director