Serving Those
Who Serve California

When Disaster Strikes, the California State Guard Has One Mission: Keeping California and Its Citizens Safe.

The Foundation’s Mission: to Protect and Support Those Who Protect and Support Us.

What is the California State Guard Foundation?

The Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the California State Guard – a volunteer force dedicated to protecting California and its citizens from natural and man-made disasters, pandemics, and other emergencies

What is the California State Guard Foundation’s Purpose?

In recent years, the number and types of threats facing California – from wildfires to floods, food shortages to pandemics – present new and unique challenges. To address these challenges, the California State Guard’s need for resources, equipment, and specialized training has expanded and evolved. The California State Guard Foundation exists to help meet those needs. Through donations from individuals, businesses, corporations, and non-profits, the California State Guard Foundation will help ensure that those at the frontlines during a flood, earthquake, wildfire, or pandemic receive everything that they need to keep California and its citizens safe.

Why Does the California State Guard Need Our Help?

The California State Guard volunteers train and prepare for these emergencies at minimal cost to tax payers. But they need our help. New and emerging threats require specialized training. Old or obsolete equipment needs to be updated or replaced. And the brave men and women who serve in the California State Guard need to ensure that their families’ needs are met when they are called to duty. The California State Guard Foundation is dedicated to helping those who are helping us stay safe.

The Men and Women of the California State Guard
Need Your Help

Whether its screening people for coronavirus, evacuating residents from a wildfire, rescuing people from a flood, providing critical food and medical supplies to people in need, or providing emergency shelter for displaced residents, the men and women of the California State Guard stand true to their motto every single day: “Ready to Respond.” Firefighters, rescue workers, EMTs, doctors, health care workers, nurses, experts in logistics, mechanics, engineers, and lawyers, among many others, donate their time and talent to the California State Guard to protect California and its citizens. But they need resources, equipment, and training to do so.

Please join us in our mission. Please help us protect and support those who protect and support us. Please consider donating to the California State Guard Foundation.